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My Plans for This Project

And I do intend it to be a project, one without a designated end to be sure, but a project nonetheless.

Throughout my life and career I have become famous among those who know me, whether in public, such as presentations at technical conferences or in the many week-long classes I taught, or in ordinary private conversations, for saying regarding almost any subject, “I have a good story about that.” I have decided it’s about time I recorded some of those stories.

I have been thinking of the project as something like the Seurat painting,  Afternoon on the Grande Jatte. There are a number of large areas, many smaller ones, some contained in the larger, some crossing several others and so on, each containing the bright dots of color, the stories themselves. I will add the dots as they come to mind, in no particular order, except when one story is needed as background for another.

A Little Teaser

This is page 92 of the March 5th issue of The New Yorker:

nyorker3-5reduced.jpg    Look at that second ad on the left:


What an absolutely astonishing item! The Theatre Guild running a cruise! In the Baltic! I wonder what Theresa Helburn and Lawrence Langner would think of that. And Kitty Carlisle! She’s 97 years old and still making appearances. And then there is the way alphabetical ordering made that strange concatenation of Ed Asner and Barbara Cook which seems like an odd couple to me. Now here’s the teaser: I knew both of them: Ed quite well going back 60 years and Barbara much less so starting about 57 years ago. I’ll talk about all of that when the time comes.

Added April 22: Not more than a few days after I wrote the above teaser Kitty Carlisle died. She was just about the last member of the great 1930s theater in this country. Ave vale atque!


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