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I have noticed from the reports provided by WordPress that nobody clicks on the links that I have provided in my posts. This strikes me as very peculiar given the rather off-beat subjects that I bring up.

I realize that many of the hits on my blog arise from search engines and that the seeker isn’t looking for the sort of stuff that I have presented. For example, in two places I make mention of nude models (in my mother’s Hunter High school art classes and in the Artists Equity New Years Eve parties) so a number of people looking for something more “interesting” come to those posts, realize their mistake and immediately depart. I can understand that. What I can’t understand is why others, who are there “on purpose” as it were, aren’t following some of my links.

For one thing, I am older than almost all of my readers so many of my references are to events, things and people that they are not likely to be familiar with. For example, unless you go back as far as I do or are interested in anthropology, you might not understand my interest in the fact that Bronislaw Malinowski’s daughter was a regular at Marshall Allen’s parties or that I have met Edward Sapir’s eldest son. For another, I am something of a polymath and there is considerable eclecticism evidenced in my interests and contacts with people: poets like Delmore Schwartz and Patrick Kavanagh (and brother, Peter), figures and events prominent in computing such as artificial intelligence founder Marvin Minsky, actors such as Ed Asner, Fritz Weaver, Paul Newman, Susan Sontag and others (in posts in the near future), painters such as Yasuo Kuniyoshi, chess masters such as Sammy Reshevsky and Robert Byrne and there will be architects, engineers, scholars of different sorts and so on and on.

So, use the links already!

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